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     Founder and Chairperson: Dr. A.K.B. Pillai
General Secretary:  Ms. Angela Fusco 

Board of Directors: Dr. A.K.B. Pillai, Dr. Hiram Pinto, Ms. Nancy ScharffAdvisory Board: Dr. Sara Easaw, Dr. Anne D’Orazio, Dr. Ron Hayashida, Dr. James Howell, Dr. Michael Isaacs, Mr. Paul Karukapalli, Mr. G.K. Pillai, Dr.Parthasarathy Pillai, Professor Donna Pompa Pillai, Dr. Carroll Webber, Dr. N.S. Xavier

     The New York Institute of Integral Human Development is an educational and human service institution. It aims at the public awareness of the enormous potentialities of the human being to be happy and contented through integral development—intellectual, emotional, educational, and professional—at the personal, social, intercultural, and international levels. One of its emphases is the exploration, identification and development of the positive aspects of global cultures, and their application to human well being. Such human development frees one from stress, loneliness, and all kinds of human and social disorders. The New York Institute of Integral Human Development functions through:

    1. Anthropological and Multidisciplinary research in the social, behavioral and medical sciences, humanities, theatrical arts, and creative writing, with a focus on individual and sociocultural development;
    2. Publication of books, articles, and journals; and conducting artistic performances;
    3. Developing communication among scholars, especially among medical professionals, social workers, and creative writers;
    4. Contributing to the organization and development of other institutions by providing specialized services;
    5. Recognizing the contributions of institutions and individuals toward nonviolence, social harmony and development;
    6. Sponsoring humanistic projects of individuals and organizations, if the parties concerned will meet the expenses;
    7. Environmental conservation and reconstruction;
    8. Providing volunteer services to needy institutions;
    9. Contributing toward interethnic, intercultural, and international understanding, for peace, cooperation, and development;
    10. Developing a comprehensive system of consumer benefits and referral systems in medicine, education, health, relaxation services, yoga, nutrition, etc.


NYIIHD has the following Major Divisions:

  1. Health and Human Services
  2. India Development and Indo-American Relations
  3. Multicultural/International Cooperation
  4. Religious Values: Comparative Cultural Research
  5. Educational Services: Training in Health, Human Services and Human Development
  6. Healthy Gender Relations
  7. Creativity: Writing, Theatrical Arts, Art, etc.

Information on Specific Divisions and Projects

  1. The Indo-American Division of NYIIHD is concerned with the well being of Americans at large and the healthy relationship between Asian Indian immigrants and the people at large in the USA.
  2. The India Development Division of NYIIHD is concerned with India’s development, with a special focus on Kerala (state in South India). NYIIHD will take up any project of international significance, such as anthropological field studies, conflict resolution, development of economy, culture and health, all according to the laws and regulations of the U.S. and the foreign country concerned.
  3. Any project of any division will be sponsored by NYIIHD after review and at the discretion of the President and concerned committee members. The individual, individuals or institutions seeking NYIIHD’s sponsorship, support or guidance will be responsible for most, if not all of the expenses of their project.


N.Y.I.I.H.D. offers:


One Course Can Change the Course of Your Life !

Multicultural, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary approach, and/or discipline specific content, for Executives of all kinds, Health Care professionals, including Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, Doctors, Rehabilitation Therapists, etc., as well as programs offered for the general public.

FASCINATING, ENJOYABLE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, WITH PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE APPLICATIONS in areas such as Stress Reduction, Women’s Empowerment, Child Development, Learning Problems, Humanistic Management, Spirituality, Creativity, Transcultural Psychiatry andTherapy, requested topics, etc. (read on for list of courses)

Special Features of our Program:

  • Very reasonable course fees
  • Courses designed according to the individual participants’ needs and interests
  • Course participants grouped according to their level of professional experience and education.
  • Class duration may vary from 1 hour to 15 hours to more, as designed.
  • Hours and days are flexible according to participants’ schedules
  • Brief phone interview to determine the needs of the individual participant
  • Individual training also available
  • Location easily accessible by public buses and trains. Parking also available.
  • Continuing education credits, and/or transfer to college credit may be possible
  • Held in a comfortable, serene and pleasant environment, in a beautiful stone building surrounded by evergreen trees, in central Riverdale.

Courses include:

  1. Transcultural Psychiatry: Multicultural and Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment for Psychosomatic Disorders
  2. Living With Dynamic Humanism in a Dehumanized Environment
  3. Women: Empowerment from Sex to Spirituality
  4. Adolescent Stress and Suicide: Preventive Strategies
  5. Transcultural Psychiatry: Multicultural and Holistic Diagnosis and Treatment for Psychosomatic Disorders
  6. Living With Dynamic Humanism in a Dehumanized Environment
  7. Women: Empowerment from Sex to Spirituality
  8. Adolescent Stress and Suicide: Preventive Strategies
  9. Self Growth

10)Creative Approaches to Learning Problems

11) Healthy Aging & Longevity

  1. Stress Free Developmental Management
  2. Creativity:Culture & Poetry

14) Health & Beauty Therapy

15) Spiritual TherapyTaught by:

1) Dr. A.K.B. Pillai, Ph.D. (Columbia University, N.Y.), a medical anthropologist, has been internationally honored for his breakthrough research findings on new dimensions of psychosomatic health and personality development. His 35 years of cross cultural, multidisciplinary research (USA, India, Norway, China, Japan, etc.) has formed the basis for his creation of the Integral Development Therapy system. He is also Fellow and Diplomate, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists; Associate, University Seminars, Columbia University, N.Y.; Fellow (ex), National Institute of Mental Health; member (professional), American Counseling Association; Professor (ex) ( 27 years), New Jersey State System of Higher Education (Ramapo). He is development consultant to individuals and institutions internationally and has trained many outstanding therapists, scientists, writers and social activists, worldwide, as well as enabled thousands of persons to lead a fulfilling and peaceful life.

He has published three books in English and nine books in Malayalam (his mother tongue). His forthcoming books include: The Handbook of Self and Human Development and Kerala, India: Developmental Resources vs. Neomaterialistic Syndrome (English and Malayalam).

2) Professor Donna Pompa Pillai (Dhyana), MSW, LCSW, ACSW, Program Director, is an award winning psychosomatic Development Therapist, and the author of many professional research papers. She has spent 9 years as a dedicated MSW Field Instructor for Hunter College and New York University, and 29 years experience in various health care settings. She has done extensive field study and research with Dr. Pillai, among ethnic groups from many parts of the world. She also has been a committed practitioner of twice daily Meditation for the last 29 years, the enlightening and calming resources of which she brings to her clients.

They have a private practice together in Riverdale, New York.

Invited distinguished guests, drawn from NYIIHD’s extensive network of specialized consultants, as well as others.


  • Your unbounded Self of infinite potentialities
  • The joy, strength and resourcefulness of an intelligent emotional support system
  • Deeper understanding and realization of how culture impacts on you and/or your client’s behavior, thoughts, feelings and health.
  • How to begin to free yourself from internalization of negative socialization
  • Techniques to relax, in action, even in an unavoidably stressful environment

Learn new skills to:

    • Practice multicultural and multidisciplinary applied work.
    • Overcome obstacles
  • Identify your and/or your client’s personal strengths and resources
  • Identify realistic, as well as fulfilling personal/professional goals, and how to reach them without sacrificing your relationships or quality of life
  • Have self command, reduce stress, and enjoy life more
  • Create fulfilling relationships in your life, romantic, family, friends, etc.

Become healthier and live with the reality and hope of personal growth

Committed to the Well Being of All Humankind!

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.